Thursday, July 20, 2017

Hmm… $3 million vs. LGBT Groups

That is the choice that a Baptist college had, accept a donation of 3 million dollars and get rid the campus LGBT organization or keep the LGBT organization and forgo the $3,000,000.

Guess what the  Baptist college did?
This university would rather give up $3 million than destroy its LGBT students group
Pink News
By Josh Jackman
20th July 2017

A Christian university has turned down $3 million in funding from a religious group which came on condition of shutting down an LGBT students group.

Samford University, which was founded by Alabama Baptists, rejected the hefty annual donation from the Alabama Baptist State Convention.

The university has seemingly chosen to support Samford Together, a group in which students can discuss topics relating to sexual orientation and gender identity, over the Christian group.
Instead of waiting to see if this threat would be fulfilled, Samford has preemptively rejected the donation.

Samford’s president, Andrew Westmoreland, said in a statement announcing the decision that all students must be respected.
Maybe people are starting to realize that discrimination against anyone is wrong. Just maybe we are starting to see a backlash against the bigots.

Then down in Texas companies are standing up against the Republican legislators who are trying to force us back in the closet.
IBM takes out full-page ads, sends top execs to lobby against bathroom bill
Dallas News
Written by Lauren McGaughy
July 14, 2017

IBM is upping the ante in its fight against Texas' so-called "bathroom bill," dispatching top executives to Austin and waging an ad war against what it calls the "discriminatory legislation."

Before state lawmakers reconvene Tuesday for a special legislative session, the technology giant is taking out full-page advertisements in The Dallas Morning News, San Antonio Express-News and Austin American-Statesman opposing the legislation they say discriminates against transgender Texans.

IBM will also send 20 employees, including top executives like Senior Vice President for Human Resources Diane Gherson and Chief Diversity Officer Lindsay-Rae McIntyre, to the Capitol on Tuesday to express their opposition to the bills in person.
And they are not alone.
IBM has been at the forefront of the business community's push against the bathroom bill. In May, it was one of several corporations, including Apple and Facebook, that sent Abbott a letter saying that "any such legislation would deeply tarnish Texas' reputation as open and friendly to businesses and families."

On Thursday, the Dallas Regional Chamber also sent Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick a letter expressing opposition to the legislation. Business leaders from North Texas plan to rally against the bathroom bill at the Capitol when the special session convenes.
Stay tune for the continuing saga of Texas Republicans try to demonizing us.

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