Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Everyone Is Against It, Except…

Right-wing Christian Conservative Republicans who are hell-bent to pass this hatred filled bill.
Texas Vote Set on 'Bathroom Bill' Despite Police Opposition
July 25, 2017

Police chiefs from Texas' largest cities rallied outside the state Capitol Tuesday in opposition to a "bathroom bill" targeting transgender people, just as Senate Republicans inside lurched toward a new vote on restrictions similar to those approved in North Carolina.

The chances of the bill ultimately reaching the desk of Republican Gov. Greg Abbott remain tenuous despite overwhelming GOP control of the Legislature.
Republican state Sen. Lois Kolkhorst described the bill as an "opportunity to shut down predators and voyeurs" upon bringing the measure to the floor. She spoke just as police chiefs and top commanders from the four biggest cities in Texas -- Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin -- stood on the Capitol steps and told reporters they had not found examples of restroom-related sexual assaults.

They said forcing police to combat non-existent crime will increase discrimination, make Texas more dangerous and waste their time.
But the Republican don’t care about facts… they are on a mission from GOD!
Photo Of Trans Boy In Texas Shows Exactly Who Is Affected By ‘Bathroom Bills’
“Max deserves a summer break, free from bullies like Governor Abbott.”
Huffington Post
By James Michael Nichols
July 25, 2017

The mother of a transgender boy shown crying in a courthouse in a photo that went viral on Wednesday is speaking out about the the [sic] state’s proposed “bathroom bill.”

She’s also opening up about the way the transphobic debate as a whole is affecting her child.

Amber Briggle’s 9-year-old son Max uses male pronouns and transitioned to living as his authentic self almost three years ago. The photo of him crying in a courthouse was shot back in March, but it’s making the rounds on the internet this week in light of anti-trans legislation currently making its way through the Texas legal system.

Briggle decided to share the image because, in her mind, her son Max deserves to have a stress-free summer vacation like all other kids ― and shouldn’t have to cope with the anxiety that his right to use the school bathroom that corresponds with his gender identity may be taken away.
Amber Briggle: This is my transgender son in TEARS outside the Office of the Governor Greg Abbott . Can I just admit for a second how effing tired I am of having to comfort my baby and protect him from bullies in Austin? Let me just be real for a second. This sucks so hard. He deserves a summer vacation with his friends, not a political pissing contest with the Texas Legislature. Not fair. I'm mad as hell. #protectTransKids #mamabear #doodlebug
(Thank you to Bob Owen at the San Antonio Express News for taking this powerful picture when we weren't even looking

But nothing stops the Republican machine, they are on a mission from GOD…
Texas Senate votes to curb transgender access to public bathrooms
By Jon Herskovitz
July 25, 2017

AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters) - The Republican-controlled Texas Senate gave preliminary approval on Tuesday to a bill that restricts bathroom access for transgender people, endorsing a piece of legislation denounced by civil liberties advocates as discriminatory.

Final Senate adoption of the bill was possible later on Tuesday or Wednesday. The measure would then be sent to the state House of Representatives, where passage during a 30-day special legislative session that ends in mid-August is less certain despite a Republican majority in that body as well.

The preliminary vote in the Senate was 21-10, with one Democrat crossing the aisle to vote with the Republican majority in favor of the measure, Senate Bill 3.
It is a sad day as this nation moves to strip basic human rights from its citizens in the name of greed and bigotry and religion.

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