Monday, July 17, 2017

Ding, Ding… Ding, Ding…

You all have heard and seen them out in front of stores ringing their bells by the red kettles; well now they are in hot water in New York City for discrimination against us.
Salvation Army rehab centre faces charges for rejecting vulnerable transgender people
Pink News UK
By Nick Duffy
14th July 2017

A substance abuse center that refused to serve transgender people is one of four facing action in New York over discriminatory policies.

The NYC Commission on Human Rights this week filed four complaints against substance abuse centers across the City for discriminatory policies involving the intake of transgender patients.

The complaints, filed on behalf of the City, come after the Commission investigated reports of discrimination from advocates.

Following tips from the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund, the Commission began testing substance abuse centers for discriminatory practices.

The Commission’s testers approached more than a dozen substance abuse centers citywide to inquire whether the centers accepted transgender patients for treatment and where those patients would be housed.
And where did they find discrimination against us?
The centers include Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center (Brooklyn), Addicts Rehabilitation Center (Manhattan), Promesa Residential Health Care Facility (Bronx), and the Thomas and Marie White Health Center (Queens).
There are those who think that all the good that the Salvation Army does outweigh the discrimination against LGBT people. That is like saying that the good that the KKK does for white people outweighs the black people that they hanged.

Evil cannot be tolerated; the trans people that they turned away were begging for help to kick their disease could be dead because they were denied help. The trans person who they turned away from their homeless shelters might be frozen to death by morning.

Federal funding should not go to organizations who discriminate, help should be for all people that need it not just for those who follow their religious code or their moral beliefs.

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