Monday, June 19, 2017

While We Are Talking About Health

I came across this article on WPATH Facebook page about things to consider if you are going to have Gender Confirming Surgery…
Interested in Having Gender-Affirming Surgery? Keep These Four Pieces of Advice in Mind
By Kellee Terrell
June 15, 2017

When it comes to transitioning, there is no one or "right" way to undergo your process. For some, being their most authentic self may come solely through changing their pronoun or receiving hormone therapy or having a form of gender-affirming surgery -- or a combination of all three.
Make Sure You Do Your Research!
Whatever form of surgery you are planning to have, not only do you need to know what the surgery entails but also who is the most-qualified surgeon in your area.

Work on Your Health Prior to Surgery
You cannot underestimate the seriousness of these procedures.

They can be major reconstructive surgeries that require a lot of healing and can result in complications and certain infections. This is why you need to be in optimal health beforehand, says Zil Goldstein, NP, the program director for the Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery at Mount Sinai in New York City. [Dr. Zil was an intern at the CT TransAdvocacy Coalition while she was an undergraduate]

"We are not going to perform surgeries on people who are unhealthy," she says.

With any surgery, you have to be medically cleared first, and that requires having a certain body-mass index (some require no higher than a 33) and a physical to ensure that any chronic diseases you have -- such as diabetes or high blood pressure -- are in check.
The third item is,
Factor in Aftercare and the Need for a Strong Support System
As we stated above, many of these surgeries are pretty major and can require time off work, being incapacitated for weeks to a few months and aftercare that can include dilation of the genitals and draining tubes from various parts of your body.
Many of the surgeons have special residences for recovery after surgery, while others just have you get a motel room.

Please Set Realistic Expectations
While numerous studies have shown that undergoing gender-affirming surgery can improve one's quality of life and mental health, Jenna Rapues, M.P.H., the interim director of the Center for Excellence for Transgender Health in San Francisco, says she's encountered clients with unrealistic expectations about how surgery will change their lives.

"I have so many trans female clients who have told me, 'Once I get my surgery, I'll be a normal woman, and all of my problems will be solved.' The surgery is one piece of transitioning, but it doesn't necessarily address or solve the other issues in our life. That is always going to be an ongoing process, and we are constantly evolving."
Oh how many times have I heard that!

I know of one trans woman who spent close to a hundred thousand dollars on plastic surgery including FFS, breast enhancement, a tummy tuck and GCS… but she is six foot six, and has large hands and feet.

Just remember one thing, it is your life and you will have to live with your decisions.

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