Sunday, June 25, 2017

Trans Employment

Finding a job when you are trans is very hard, you never know why you were not hired and the company can give just about any reason why you were not hired.

So when a company hires 23 trans people that is news and so is when nine of them quit.
Nine transgender employees quit working for Kochi Metro
One India
Written by: Deepika
Published: Sunday, June 25, 2017

Kochi, June 26: Kochi Metro's move to hire 23 transgenders, extending a helping hand to the marginalised section that often faces violence and discrimination has been praised by all. But within a week of operation, nine of them have quit their jobs as they were unable to find cheap accomodation in the city.

The employees had brought the issue to Kochi's mayor and the district collector but they have turned a blind eye towards the issue. Unable to cope up with the accomodation and wage system, nine of them have quit the job since its operation.
The company worked to find them affordable housing,
Sensing the issue, the authorities of Kochi Metro Rail Ltd on Saturday discussed the issue with the district collector and the Social Welfare Department so as to arrange affordable lodging facilities for them.
Too bad the railroad didn’t pay them a living wage in the first place. Like so many companies world wide by paying their worker below a living wage they for their employees to go on government assistance.

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