Thursday, June 15, 2017

Hate Runs Rampant

The place with the golden arches and Ronald McDonald has a HRC Corporate Equality Rating of 100! But to their employees it is anything but 100%.
This Transgender Woman Is Suing McDonald's For Discrimination
The former crew member reported verbal and physical abuse to her manager and was later fired, a lawsuit alleges.
By Cora Lewis
Posted on June 14, 2017

A transgender McDonald’s crew member experienced multiple cases of sexual harassment and discrimination on the job, including being barred by managers from using the women’s and men’s restrooms and relegated to a rear bathroom that was used as a storage closet, according to a civil rights lawsuit filed against the restaurant owner and the parent company.

La’Ray Reed worked at a McDonald’s in Redford, Michigan, for six months in 2015, during which time coworkers called her a "boy slash girl" and other sexual insults, and one groped her, the lawsuit alleges. She reported the mistreatment to the franchise owner and was later fired, she alleges.
In the lawsuit, Reed alleges a coworker groped her genitals at the urging of a store manager who wanted to know whether she had a penis. “You can’t feel it from the front. You have to feel it from the back,” the manager allegedly said over the headset system used by all employees.

Another time, a manager allegedly told a crew member to follow Reed into the ladies’ room to see if she was standing up or sitting down to use the toilet. “I had never had a problem using the ladies room until this day,” Reed wrote in an email to BuzzFeed News. “When I came out the restroom, the manager told me I could no longer use either of the restrooms in the lobby.”

Instead, the manager allegedly had Reed go to the back of the store and clean the out-of-use bathroom, which was being used as a storage closet. That became Reed’s bathroom, she says, which she was also made responsible for cleaning.
I hope that she also files sexual assault charges against the manager for groping her.

Meanwhile McDonald’s has a 100% HRC rating!
Activists point to the complaints as evidence that McDonald’s attempts to brand itself as an LGBT ally are empty rhetoric.

During this past weekend’s gay pride celebrations, McDonald's posted signs that read "Lovin' is Lovin'" and served fries in rainbow-colored boxes at stores in Washington, DC. Cathy Martin, vice president of McDonald’s for the region, called the themed items “a fun way to show our support of the LGBTQ community.”

Detroit-based LGBT rights advocate Heather Aymer said the promotion "smacks of hypocrisy" and that the company is "pretending to support the LGBT community by putting up flags, but not taking action against the unsafe culture it has created in the workplace for LGBT workers."
Don’t look for any help from the Trump administration…
During the Obama presidency, the Department of Labor issued guidance that suggested companies like McDonald’s should be considered the joint employers of the workers in their franchised restaurants, in a move that was cheered by labor activists and denounced by industry groups. Last week, the Trump administration formally withdrew that guidance.
Hate runs rampant in this country on both side of the political divide, there is no leadership in Washington, just oppression.

This afternoon I am at the Goodspeed Opera House in East Haddam, CT watching Thoroughly Modern Millie with some friends.

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