Monday, June 05, 2017

Even With All The Laws

Sometimes they need a head whack like they do on NCIS or in this case a lawsuit. I don’t know if it is arrogance, or feeling that the law doesn’t apply to them, or bias, whatever it is the only way to get them to change is by suing.
Metro-North cruelly outed transgender worker: lawsuit
NY Post
By Kathianne Boniello
June 3, 2017

Metro-North cruelly outed a pre-op transgender worker and then ignored his colleagues’ hateful attacks until they culminated in assault, according to a lawsuit.

Shine Williams, 43, was born “Sheri” but has spent more than 20 years living and working as a man, and has undergone testosterone treatments, he says in court papers.

Just a month after he was hired as a Metro-North coach cleaner in 2010, human resources executives claimed someone complained about a woman in the men’s locker room at Williams’ North White Plains workplace.

That prompted a review of Williams’ records, which included a driver’s license listing him as female.

The HR reps forced Williams to redo his Metro-North paperwork to change male pronouns to female ones. They also required him to use his birth name and switch locker rooms.
From there it got worst…
Years of discrimination followed, Williams said. He claims it came to a head in October, when a female coworker squeezed his crotch and asked: “How does it work? How big is it?”
Now he is suing Metro North and I think he has a pretty good case against them.

Here in Connecticut I learned of a case that is going to court where, from what I heard, the employer was fired when she came out at work.

Yesterday I asked some questions about the documentary “The Lavender Scare” I asked “if there are any people of color or Latinos in the movie or if trans people got mentioned” and the answer is that they did. The had a few black gays and lesbians and they also had a trans person.

The movie was excellent and for me scary in that I see it repeating now with Trump. In the movie they talked about the Senator McCarthy and the House Un-American Activities Committee and how the committee when they couldn’t find any communist if the government he turned his attention to… Homosexuals!

Thousands were fired from government jobs and also those working on government contracts. President Eisenhower signed Executive Order 10450--Security requirements for Government Employment than banned lesbians and gays from government and federal contracts. When I heard that my mind raced to Trump and his threat of an Executive Order allowing federal employees and contractors to discriminate against us with the so called “religious freedom” exemption.

Is history repeating itself?

I think the best line on the movie was when a postal employee was being questioned by postal inspectors about his “homosexual activities” and they showed him a picture of him in drag and they asked him if it was him, his reply shocked the inspectors who thought he would deny it. But his answer was a gasps and he said that was a horrible photo of him in drag and if they want he could get them a better picture of him.

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