Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Opposition

Sometimes it is a good idea to keep track of what the opposition is saying so I regularly stop by their website (if you have high blood pressure it is a good idea to take you meds before reading this).

Now you have to realize that OneNewsNow is a rightwing conservative religious website…
Science disqualifies transgenderism arguments
The transgender movement may be forced to reconsider past arguments used to justify the lifestyle.
By Charlie Butts
May 16, 2017

The transgender movement may be forced to reconsider past arguments used to justify the lifestyle.

The Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel conducted an exhaustive study that identified 6,500 genes in the human genome that are expressed differently in men and women. The scientific research clearly conflicts with the idea that gender is simply subjective psychological identity. (See earlier story)

Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council says the traditional view that biological sex determines gender has been under attack from a number of angles. He goes on to explain that the WIS research "really deals a blow to the idea that there are no significant differences between men and women."

The research, he says, may explain why some transgender individuals who have undergone hormone therapy and mutilation surgery don't believe it made them any happier.
Hmm… it seems to me that without any research into whether or not trans people have any of those genes that Mr. Sprigg is just blowing smoke to cover up the real facts.

Then you have our own rightwing conservative religious organization which shall remain nameless, this is to say about the conversion therapy bill,
The March 6, 2017, press conference, too, was what was expected. Heart-rending stories and stats but not a shred of evidence that conversion therapy even exists in Connecticut.

FIC Action’s emails on this point were mentioned by reporters during the Q and A and one of the gay activists responded by claiming that there are five religious organizations in CT that do conversion therapy and that the bill would affect the licensed professionals working with them. She provided no evidence for her claims and did not name a single ministry or licensed professional.
The thing is it takes great courage to sit before a legislative hearing and tell a bunch of strangers and have it become a public record about what you went through. And I would add the number of LGBT people who went through doesn’t matter because even one is one too many.

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