Sunday, May 14, 2017

The End Of An Era

As I sit here on May 14th writing this snow is falling up at the lake in New Hampshire as we get ready to sell the cottage.

There have been many good memories made here and some bad.

My parents bought the cottage back in 1981 for their retirement and the enjoyment of their kids and grandkids and now greatgrandkids. But all things come to an end.

This was some twenty-six years before I transitioned but I was crossdressing back then I used to come up here by myself and be “Diana” back then the cottage was one floor with three bedrooms and a crawl space for the basement. It wasn’t until around 2006 that we added a basement with three bedrooms and we lost one upstairs bedroom for the stairs, so it became the mudroom with a new front door.

As I said that I used to come up here to be Diana but with that came the only bad memory about the cottage… three neighborhood teenagers were Peeping Toms and I caught them as they watched me laying on the couch reading. I heard gigging and when I look out the window I saw them running away. I knew who they were because they broke into the cottage and partied drinking up all the booze (one of them later would be accused of murder).

But there has been a lot more good memories made…

One of the memories was before I transitioned, I came up here in the winter and got Snowed In, it is in capitals because we got over 24 inches of snow, the power went out and I couldn’t even get out of the cottage because the snow drifted over half way up the only door and I couldn’t push it open. So I had to climb out the window to get out of the cottage.

That night I huddled around the woodstove trying to keep warm because I was so cold in the cottage my rum and cokes were freezing. My van was stuck are the end of the driveway that slopes down to the cottage and I only had a small snow shovel to dig my way out, but the year round resident across the street worked for the town, he had the town snow plow and dug me out and then towed me up the driveway.

But it wasn’t all bad that weekend it was great cross-country skiing on the lake with two feet of new snow.

The day the boat sank

Written my term paper

Way before I transitioned

A stone bridge not far from the cottage

Fourth of July

The Big Dipper

Getting ready for dinner with the "Gang:

What lies for the future?

I plan on using my half of the sale to buy a three season place on the tip of Cape Cod.

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