Friday, May 19, 2017

She Made Her Bed

And now she is going to have to sleep in it.

I have to wonder what would have been if she was allowed to transition in the army before she did her treasonous act.

Dawn Ennis wrote Thursday in LGBTQ Nation,
“Okay, so here I am everyone!!”

With those words, Chelsea Manning revealed her true and authentic self, in a caption to her first Instagram post as a free woman. Manning was released Wednesday from Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, as a result of the bulk of her 35-year-sentence being commuted by President Obama.

What a difference freedom makes. Manning appears with mascara, lipstick, and her short blonde natural hair styled in a very femme fashion.
She is going to have a very, very rough life, between being trans and being a traitor her life is not going to be easy.
From Instagram xychelsea87


  1. More like, she WET her bed, and now she has to sleep in it. And to think that I, as with many trans people, felt myself to be a traitor to my family through suppressing my true gender identity for so many years: A self-imposed sentence of imprisonment for something I should never have had to feel guilty about in the first place. It would be wishful thinking that we would never have to hear about her again, but at least she has a new picture that can replace that awful selfie the media has been showing for years.

  2. I find it hard to believe that anyone would call Chelsea Manning a traitor or hoping that they never heard about her again. She is a true patriot in many folks books for standing up to the murderous military machine and exposing the war crimes of this government. The real traitors are those who support war crimes and war for they are traitors to all human life way beyond the petty catty remarks of some people and their tiny little places on the planet earth.

    She is by far the single most important, impactful anti-war activist and whistle-blower that the LGBTQ movement has ever produced. A working class sholider who came out as gay and then trans she exposed war crimes by the U.S. and its allies in Iraq and Afghanistan, including murder and torture, such as the infamous “Collateral Murder” video of two Reuters journalists and ten other civilians. She gave the most expansive documentary evidence ever provided of U.S. support for a host of corrupt and vicious dictators across the Middle East. This information helped fuel the wave of Arab Spring revolts, the largest democracy movement ever seen in the region, knocking out a number of these dictators.

    Let’s forget the hetronormativity of Gay INC who side with the big donors of the 1% and remember to be silent in the face of evil is evil in its self.

    Don't worry many of us in the LGBT-Q movement welcome home Chelsea Manning after many years of demonstrating for her release from prison. A traitor hardly for I firmly believe that those who would go along with what this government is doing and has done are the real traitors.