Tuesday, May 23, 2017

P’town In Photos

Over the weekend I went up to Provincetown with a group from the Connecticut Outreach Society, there was a total of five members for a long weekend. I drove up with Deja and we got there a little bit before the two o’clock check-in time but they let us register.

Saturday morning I was going to go out to shoot the dunes in the National Seashore Park but I woke up with an aura migraine and since I can’t see where I am looking it makes it quite hard to shoot photographs. So I closed the room drapes and put on some Eagles and just chilled out for almost an hour.

After the aura dissipated I went out to take photos of the town…

The parking lot attendant’s booth.
Whaler’s Wharf mall, which is built on the site of a theater was destroyed in a fire in 1998 and was rebuilt as an open air enclosed mall. Hun? Well the best way understand it is the photo.

As you can see you can look right through the two story build and in the center there is a large circular space open to the sky.

The sea kayaks out behind the mall

This was taken at sun rise on Sunday from my motel room balcony at Long Point Lighthouse across the bay.

In the afternoon I went out to the Race Point Bike Path and walked along it for a little less than a mile.

All photos are HDR taken at EV -0.3, 0, & +0.3


  1. Stephanie Lee-Davis5/23/17, 7:40 PM

    Nice, Thanks for sharing <3

  2. Beautiful pix and wonderful narrative. Thanks!