Tuesday, May 09, 2017

A Long Shot.

There is a trans candidate running for office on Long Island and I think her candidacy is going to be hard, I think there are still many people out there who will not vote a trans candidate. She might be the best candidate but there still are a lot of bigots out there.

TeenVogue reported,
This Is the FIRST Transgender Woman Running for Office on A Major Ticket in New York
Kristen Browde lives in Chappaqua, hometown of Hillary Clinton.
By Leora Yashari
May 8, 2017

In the days following the election of Donald Trump as president in November 2016, Kristen Browde sat in a crowded church in Larchmont, New York. Clusters of county officials debated the future of their towns and the tension was palpable. The questions were all the same: “What now?”

Browde, a 66-year-old lawyer and former television news reporter, lives in Chappaqua. It's the hometown of her preferred candidate, Hillary Clinton, who she campaigned for door-to-door. But in the church Browde came to listen. As she heard unresolved concerns among her district constituents she instinctively jumped in. Later, she was asked if she would consider running for town supervisor.

Aside from participating on various town government committees, Browde had no interest in becoming an elected official—she runs a successful law practice and has a three-decade newscasting career behind her. But last month, she announced that she would accept the Democratic party’s nomination, making her the first-ever transgender woman nominated to run for office in the state of New York on a major party ticket. If elected, Browde would become part of a small group of openly transgender elected officials, according to the LGBTQ Representation & Rights Research Initiative at the University of North Carolina.
I wish her luck. Hopefully in Chappaqua they vote on who is the best candidate and not vote on their biases.

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