Sunday, April 23, 2017

Our Favorite Punching Bag

Yes, it is Caitlyn Jenner.

She is starting to see the errors of her mistakes.
Caitlyn Jenner Claims Trump’s Anti-LGBT Policies Are A “Deal Breaker”The reality TV star spoke out against Trump in an interview with Diane Sawyer.
By Cody Gohl
April 21,2017

Caitlyn Jenner has opened up about her feelings toward President Trump and his anti-LGBT policies, says she’s “coming after” him.

Jenner discussed Trump’s poor track record with the LGBT community in a recent interview with Diane Sawyer.
“The question has been raised… are you still a Trump Republican?” Sawyer asked.
“When it comes to all equality issues, for the entire LGBT community, what we need is federal guidance,” she continued. “I’m trying to get the Republican party to make a change.”
Good luck!

The Republicans are getting too many votes and donations from bigots then to give up a cash cow.

The Huffington Post writes,
“Here’s the deal: yes, I have always had views that lean more towards the Republican party when it comes to politics (as in) less government, believing in the Constitution and all that kind of stuff,” Jenner told People magazine. “But my loyalties and my fights are not going to be with the Republican party. My loyalties are with my community and fighting for my community.”

“My loyalties lie with my community and not with the Republican party, and not with Donald Trump,” the self-described conservative added.
Is this too little too late?

So how is she going give it to Trump?
Caitlyn Jenner’s way of protesting Trump: ‘I won’t be playing golf with him’
LGBTQ Nation
By Dawn Ennis
April 21, 2017

So how does she plan to do that? The Kardashian co-matriarch reveals her preferred form of protest in response to a question about her conversations with the president, which so far have been a total of one.

“When I was at the inauguration I did say ‘hi’ at a cocktail party, and he wanted me to play golf with him,” she revealed. “At the time I thought it was a pretty good idea, but since Title IX, it’s not a good idea, and so I won’t be playing golf with him.”

Take that, Donald!
OH NO! That is really hitting below the belt… not to play golf with him is going to make Trump change his tune!

This afternoon I am at a fundraiser for GLAD, “Justice For All: GLAD’s 2017 Connecticut Event” which is honoring Kevin Limbo the state comptroller, who I met many years ago. This is something like the fourth or fifth year that I have attended the event.

GLAD has supported every trans legislation here in Connecticut and around New England, and I have worked the their Transgender Rights Project Director Jennifer Levi for over ten years. We have worked together on the gender non-discrimination bill, on the birth certificate legislation, and now on the bill to ban conversion therapy in the state.

Jennifer is third from the right

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