Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Love Makes A Difference

But when there is hate there is also makes a difference, for the worst.

Having a support network can bring all the negative effects of society has upon us back down to the levels of the general population.
Beyond the bathroom: Report shows laws' harm for transgender students
USA Today
By Susan Miller
April 11, 2017

It is not just about the bathroom.

Singling out transgender students to use certain restrooms sends a signal that they aren’t valued in the public education system — and can cause devastating physical and psychological harm, a report out Tuesday says.

“It’s a rejection of who they are in the most core way,” said Naomi Goldberg, policy director for the Movement Advancement Project and co-author of the report, which lands amid a contentious debate over LGBT rights and bathroom bills.
Some of the effects are…
When kids start restricting their fluid and food intake to avoid using a restroom, a host of physical issues such as urinary tract infections and kidney-related problems can ensue, Goldberg said. Emotional and psychological fallout such as depression also can cut deep. The message that comes across from schools: “We don’t recognize you and who you are,” Goldberg said.

And ultimately GPAs plummet, students lose a desire to pursue higher education — and many start skipping class, she said.

“How are you supposed to be able to focus on learning, which is why they are there,” she said. “People think ‘it’s just a bathroom,’ but there’s a disconnect. The issues are so much broader.”
And these are just some of the effects of discrimination, other studies have found an increase in violence and bullying against trans people, and an increase in self harm. But the legislators don’t really care about the effects of their laws, they only care about votes.

Some Republicans have suggested concentration camps for trans people… so you don’t think what is happening in Chechnya can happen here; well last year everything was going our way, it was the year of the Trans.

And remember a Connecticut Republican wanted trans people to register with the DMV so that we could be tracked!

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