Sunday, April 30, 2017

A Really, Really Big Day Yesterday

Whew! It is over for this year but now the planning for next year begins.

Yesterday started at 7:15 AM and ended at 7:30 PM and I was on the run all day which I am paying for it today, my legs are like rubber and during the night I had massive leg cramps over night from walking all around UConn School of Medicine for the conference.
Conference in Farmington provides advice on health, legal issues for transgender community
Fox 61 Hartford
By Doug Stewart
April 29, 2017

FARMINGTON – The eleventh annual Transgender Lives Conference took place Saturday at the UConn Health Center.

The all-day conference highlighted health and legal panels, and discussions of the challenges facing transgender people in the state.

Health care providers, religious organizations and local LGBT social organizations were on hand to provide information.
Photo by Stana
All my worrying was for nothing, the conference went off with just minor hitches. We had enough meals, the keynote speaker showed up on time, there were no parking problems, there were no problems with the shuttle bus, the academic entrance was open, and all my worries did not come to fruition.

When I gave Rev. Moonhawk Stone the CTAC Community Service Award I was crying.

I first met Hawk back in 2006 at the Targeted State transgender right conference in Albany which was , it was the first time I ever when to a conference on lobbying and strategy, and he was sitting their leaning on his cane no saying anything. But when he spoke everyone listened.

Since then our paths have crossed many time over the decade

This was my last year of organizing the conference after three or four years, it was time to step aside and let another Board member run the conference but I will still be helping out with the conference. When I announced that I was stepping aside I received an ovation.

So today is a day of recuperation, just relaxing out in the sun on my deck with the phone turned off.

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  1. RELAX today! You deserve it! Thanks so much for all of your hard work and dedication!