Sunday, March 26, 2017

What Do We Do?

There is a transphobic bus touring around the northeast and there is a big debate over what we should do about it.

It was vandalized down in New York and the opposition made a big deal about it, the Advocate said,
 The "free speech" bus, which is managed by anti-LGBT groups International Organization for the Family and National Organization for Marriage, was parked outside of an event at the United Nations, when it was spray painted with the words "trans liberation," reported USA Today. While it was parked, two people keyed the bus, cracked several windows with a hammer and spray painted the bus, Brian Brown, president of NOM told USA Today.
In reference to the attack on the bus, Brown said, "If they thought that would silence us, they were totally wrong."
I am against any form of violence and destroying property.

So the question is what should we as a community do about provocations like this?

Some are in favor of ignoring it, they say by protesting it we draw attention to it and encourages other anti-LGBT groups to do thing like the bus.

Some want civil disobedience, blocking the bus by lying down in front of it or blocking it in.

Others want peaceful demonstrations.

My suggestion was to block it from view like they did with the angels in Laramie Wyoming with bed sheets.

What are your thoughts? What is the best way to protest the bus or even if we should protest the bus?


  1. I think we should ignore it.
    These two hate groups are satan worshiping cult of mock christians. They are very insulting and rude to the much smaller transgender community, and are perpetrating the classic form of bullying by picking on a smaller and more vulnerable entity. I can't imagine why they are even going to this trouble. There is such a small percentage pf the population that is transgender. They will make an insignificant impact on the acceptance of transgender people.
    They don't deserve our ire.
    There is a recent Huffington Post Survey that shows acceptance of LGBT is growing, including acceptance of transgender people and their inclusion into society. These people will not change rational minds, there are probably very few people left that are qualified recruits for their cult. They will die off naturally under the weight of their own hate and malevolence.
    My instinctive reaction was to lash back at them somehow. But they are not worth it. The world is changing, things are getting better. Soon enough these abominable devils in christian clothing will be exposed. They are on the wrong side of history.
    I think we should ignore it.

  2. New Haven anti-fachists have been working around the clock monitoring this hateful bus. See here for their updates and the forming and gathering of Trans revolutionaries and their allies.

    We like the large sign a bus blocker that reads "Every Breath A Trans Person Takes Is An Act of Revolution." Members of the group made several of these types of signs. After waiting and watching for the bus all day a party was held on the green. Do check out the site and read about some wonderful folks planning to take a stand.

    I am of the mind that we are at war. War has been declared on the Trans community, war has been declared on immigrants, black people, Muslims, the underprivileged, youth and a host of others. There are so many people who are affected by this war that the Malcom X quote applies here, "By any means necessary." I think all actions against this regime and those who are puppets of the regime are acceptable, one not being any better than the other and all working for possible liberation from this dreadful situation.

    I am tossing around ideas about so called Freedom of Speech. As has been stated we cannot yell fire in a crowded theater do folks have the right to turn up the transphobic heat? Does this speech embolden the fringe to take action against our Trans sisters? When is enough is enough?

    When hate comes to town if we are silent we are then condoning it. Think of what might have happened if the German population gave up some of their daily pleasures and came out and stopped the Nazis in the early days. Some claimed they didn't know, well today no one can claim that here. The lines have been drawn and the question for all people everywhere is, Which side are you on? Thank goodness there are folks who do what they can in this day and age to fight back.

    Again Diana let me say thank you for the work that you do on these fronts. By any means necessary, by all means possible.