Sunday, March 12, 2017

Thankfully We Are All Getting Old

With more LGBT getting to retirement age we are facing new problems as we look at senior retirement communities we have to wonder if we will be welcome there. Laws don’t mean anything if the people shun us.
Elderly gay and transgender being forced 'back into the closet' in retirement homes
By Emily Spink
March 12 2017

Elderly people who identify as gay and transgender are hiding their true identities in aged care facilities due to fears of being outed.

Transwoman Diane Sparkes, 76, says she is among a growing number of aging LGBTI people who face having to go "back into the closet" when they enter retirement homes for fear of being stigmatised.

Sparkes spent 55 years struggling with her identity. At 67 years old and after gender reassignment surgery, her transition from male to female was complete.

The retiree doesn't want to risk having her identity compromised again by being put in a rest home that is not rainbow-friendly.
"Gay people particularly, they've had to go back into the closet. It's still happening here."
And trans people!

I don’t intend to go back into the closet.

I hope that the retirement community is accepting on me and other trans people and lesbians, bi and gays people. Right now I don’t want to go a LGBT senior community; I want to be in an integrated senior community.

Then there is the question are LGBT senior community centers ghettoizing us? Are they isolating us from the general population? I am in favor of LGBT living centers but only on a voluntary basis, it should not be forced on us.

A nursing home or a long term care facilities might be LGBT friendly but what about the other residents? Will they be open and accepting? Or will be shunned?

If we are in a long term care facility will we be allowed in the women's ward or would be isolated in a single room?

One of the things that I tell healthcare providers when I do training is that their staff could be in violation of HIPPA if they divulge our gender dysphoria.

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