Saturday, March 04, 2017

Saturday 9: Magic

Crazy Sam’s Saturday 9: Magic (1980)

On Saturdays I take a break from the heavy stuff and have some fun…
Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This 1980 video depicts Olivia Newton-John as a performer in small club. For the past few years, she's been performing regularly at the Flamingo in Las Vegas. Have you ever been to Las Vegas?
Nope and I have no desire to go to Las Vegas.

2) Many tourists who want to get away from the glitz of Vegas travel less than 20 miles to visit Red Rock Canyon. This national park is known for its hiking trails, which provide a view of the desert flora and red rock peaks. Tell us about a time you were impressed by natural beauty.
Probably the last time I saw a sunset. How can you not be impressed?

3) One of the best-reviewed restaurants in Las Vegas is Andiamo Italian Steak House. When you order a steak, how do you request it be cooked: rare, medium rare, medium, medium well or well done?

4) Olivia Newton-John's father was an officer in MI5, the UK's secret service. Sam's most recent encounter with the law didn't have much drama or intrigue: she asked a cop for directions to the highway. Tell us about the last time you spoke to an officer of the law.
Um… it was when I called 911, I received an email that the person sounded like they were going to take their life. It turned out that they were depressed but not suicidal.

5) ONJ was awarded the OBE -- Order of the British Empire -- by Queen Elizabeth in honor of her contributions to the arts. Here's your opportunity to boast. What is something you've done lately that you received praise for?
Wednesday when I  did a training for a healthcare clinic.

6) A breast cancer survivor, Olivia helped found a cancer center in her hometown of Melbourne, Australia. When you think of Australia, what comes to mind?
That they are heading for their fall while we are entering spring.

7) "Magic" was one of the top-selling records of 1980. Also that year, Post-It notes debuted. Do you enjoy shopping for office supplies, or do you consider it a chore?
It is a chore, something that has to be done.
I’ll tell you something that is a chore… on my laptop the space barissticky.

8) In 1980, the NASA space probe returned the first photos of Saturn back to earth. Do you believe intelligent life forms from other planets are trying to learn more about us?
The odds are in favor of life on other planets.

9) Random question: Are you more confident in your looks or your intelligence?
My intelligence. I am diffidently not a beauty queen, I like to say when I’m giving training that if you can’t tell that I’m trans get glasses and a hearing aide.

I am heading down to the shore today with my camera so I will not get to approve of your comments until I get home in the afternoon.

Updated: the photo trip was cancelled... it is 25F with a 20 mph wind. Brrr....


  1. Bet you'll be using that camera to take pictures of the beauty of nature. Have fun!

  2. I agree on the sunsets. We didn't used to have such colorful ones around here, but for the last couple of years they have been amazingly colorful.

  3. You probably saved that person's life by calling 911.
    Depression can be hard to deal with.

  4. I'm glad you cared enough to call 911. So many people ignore those little pleas for help. Good for you.

  5. Sorry your photography trip got canceled because of the dumb weather.

  6. Wow did it EVER get cold again back there.
    I love the little blurb under your profile picture.
    Sunsets are such a sky gift. It's like feeding one's soul to see them. Happy Weekend!