Monday, March 06, 2017

One Bridge Crossed…

In New Hampshire the gender inclusive non-discrimination bill made it out of committee but runs into a roadblock in the Republican controlled House
Transgender bill draws passionate response from opponents, supporters
Concord Monitor
By Allie Morris
March 5, 2017

Despite a strong recommendation from the committee, a bill banning discrimination against transgender people is poised to stall in the Republican-led House on Wednesday after people flooded lawmakers’ email inboxes over the weekend with comments about the measure.

Members estimate they have received more than 800 emails since Friday through the Housewide listserv. Many are identical, stock messages that come from people who don’t list their address or full name, making it hard to tell whether they are actually state residents, several lawmakers said. While the emails have been both in support and opposition, the latter are in greater number and seem to be having an effect.

Republican Rep. Jess Edwards backed the bill in committee, but has now changed his mind.

“The public is not ready,” Edwards wrote in a message he sent to all 400 House members Sunday. “The number of people who have written stating that this bill essentially offers their children up to sexual predators is outrunning by 5 to 1 the number of emails stating that it’s time to end the daily beatings of transgendered people. The passionate are yelling past each other with worst case scenarios. I don’t think this is an environment in which the legislature should pick a side.”
I don’t think that the bill will make it on to the floor of the House,
“The bill is just not ready to move forward,” said Jasper, a Hudson Republican. “My concern is with those who are transitioning ... going into restrooms, showers, locker rooms, anyplace where it may make someone uncomfortable for a whole myriad of reasons.”
It is going to be a long time before the Republicans will hear the bill in the House, I believe there is a saying about something freezing over first.

This is where grassroots organizing comes it... you got to get trans people to sit one on one in their legislators homes and have a discussion with their legislators.

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