Monday, March 13, 2017

Not Only Is The Political Climate Harsh

But so is our healthcare in Texas.
First free transgender care clinic to open in central Texas
By Erin Jones
March 09, 2017

A recent UCLA's Williams Institute study shows that Texas has the second-largest transgender population in the country.

Just over 125,000 Texans identify as transgender.

Right now, there is no Central Texas health care clinic tailored to their needs, but that's about to change. On Thursday, a free transgender clinic will open to the public.

Texas Health Action's Kind Clinic's newest extension is filling a need that is great here in our community.

The gender care clinic will be the first of its kind in Central Texas.

"Right now, there is no specific clinic where people who are seeking help for gender issues can feel at home," Texas Health Action's medical director Dr. Cynthia Brinson said.
McAdams said some of the services that will be offered at the gender care clinic will gender affirming care such as feminizing hormones, masculizing hormones, STD screenings and HIV treatment and prevention drugs.
Here in Connecticut there is a backlog of trans people looking for health care. Planned Parenthood in New Haven offers healthcare on a sliding scale but it is about 6 months to get an appointment. In Hartford there is  Community Health Services and word has it that Middlesex Hospital and Yale-New Haven Hospitals are starting gender clinics and they probably accept Medicaid (Husky).

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  1. Diana:

    It does seem to be getting worse at a quickening pace. Take a look at this chilling article about a transgender couple in Wisconsin and what the state employee trust fund is doing.

    These are the kind of senseless regulations that really have a chilling effect.