Sunday, March 05, 2017

My Second Home

All the New England states but one has protections for us, and now that state is looking to pass a bill protecting us.
Emotional testimony on both sides of gender identity bill
Union Leader
By Dave Slomon
February 21. 2017

CONCORD — For the Rev. Jay McLeod, pastor at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in New London, passage of civil rights protections for transgendered individuals in New Hampshire will mean his 12-year-old niece, born a boy, can grow up feeling safe.

“She’s happy to finally be herself and to cease having to pretend that she is a boy,” he told members of the House Health and Human Services Committee, as he testified Tuesday on behalf of HB 478, which would add gender identity to the state’s civil rights statute.
And of course you are going to have so testimony like this,
But for Beth Scaer of Nashua, HB 478 would create new threats in restrooms and locker rooms, where predators claiming to identify as women could stalk young victims.
But then you have  a legislator who says,
The comment prompted state Rep. Jerry Knirk, D-Freedom, to reply, “These bills always turn into bathroom bills.” Knirk held up his cell phone with a photo of transgendered female actress Laverne Cox, nominated for an Emmy for her role in the Netflix hit “Orange is the New Black.”

“You’d feel happier if she walked into the men’s room rather than the women’s room?” he asked.
In 2009 the last time they tried to pass a trans bill it failed miserably but this time it looks like they have done their homework and there is a good chance that it will pass.

Here is a video of the NH Chiefs of Police Association spokesman testifying for the bill.

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