Monday, March 27, 2017

Julie Comes Through

We are seeing an increase in television shows with trans characters in all types of shows and now Julie Andrews add Muppets to the list.
Julie Andrews’ New Children’s Show Features A Gender-Neutral Puppet
"If pressed we'd say she's a girl, but maybe not forever."
By Christopher Rudolph
March 22, 2017

Oscar-winning actress Julie Andrews is back on the screen, this time in her new Netflix children’s series, Julie’s Greenroom.

The show is a Jim Henson production and focuses on Andrews as she teaches five children known as the “greenies” about “the magic of the performing arts.

The students are racially diverse and include Hank, a piano-playing prodigy who uses a wheelchair and Riley, who is gender-neutral.
Will the show attract an audience or will it go the way of Doubt with Laverne Cox. Is the public ready for a gender neutral character?

I have been busy with the Trans Health and Law Conference and a number of other stuff on my plate, including keeping a BSW intern busy so my post has been short and sweet

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