Monday, February 13, 2017

What Is Their Future?

Last year President Obama authorized trans people to serve in the military along with lesbians and gays and now many of them are wondering what is their future in the military under the Trump administration.

Meanwhile over in Britain…
TRANS TROOPS Thirty four serving members of the Armed Forces are having transgender treatment
Troops are undergoing treatments ranging from hormone therapy to surgical procedures
The Sun
By Lauren Probert
13th February 2017

THIRTY-four serving UK troops are having transgender treatment, defence chiefs said.
The specialist treatment is available on the NHS and could span from hormone therapy for some patients to £20,000 worth of surgery for others.

The number of people undergoing transgender treatment has been revealed by the Ministry of Defence’s Surgeon General Secretariat following a Freedom of Information request.

It is not known whether the 34 troops are paying for the treatment themselves or from the public purse.

The Sun exclusively revealed how Guardsman Chloe Allen, 24, became Britain’s first female infantry soldier.

She joined the army as a man in 2012 but last year changed her name and started gender reassignment surgery last year.
Most of our allies allow trans service members but now LGBT service members are in limbo, my guess is that those who came out should now think about civilian life because in this anti-LGBT Trump administration I see them banned from serving their country.

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