Friday, February 03, 2017

We Will Have Our Own Historic District.

Where else, but in San Francisco where the Compton’s Cafeteria rebellion began.
Transgender cultural district planned for San Francisco’s Tenderloin
Developer and city supervisor work together to create nation’s first trans neighborhood
Curbed SF
By Brock Keeling
February 2, 2017

In collaboration with D6 Supervisor Jane Kim and Group i, the developer in charge of the upcoming 950 Market space, part of San Francisco’s Tenderloin is poised to become the nation’s first ever transgender district.

Supervisor Kim and several transgender activists announced legislation Tuesdat to rechristen part of the TL as the Compton’s Transgender, Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual (TLGB) District, named after the eatery that marked the first transgender civil rights uprising in the United States. If enacted, the Compton’s District will be the first legally recognized transgender district in the world.

“The lower Tenderloin is the most important neighborhood in America for transgender history, culture, and civil rights,” said Supervisor Kim, who represents the Tenderloin. “By creating the Compton’s TLGB District we are honoring this vibrant community built by transgender people, and are sending a message to the world that trans people are welcome here.”

In 1966, Compton’s Cafeteria, a former coffeeshop at Taylor and Turk, was the site of a resistance by San Francisco’s transgender community. After continued abuse by Compton’s Cafeteria employees and the San Francisco Police Department, transwomen initiated a two-day riot rebellion that made its way out onto streets of the Tenderloin, predating the Stonewall riots by three years.
Supervisor Kim went on to stress the importance of having such a district, saying: “In the last few weeks our federal government has made it clear that minority communities have never been more at risk in America.”
Yeah, somehow I don’t think that Trump & company will make it a national historic landmark.

I can just picture the tour buses going through the district... "And now this where all the transsexuals rose up against oppression." I can just picture all the grey hair women and men with their faces pressed against the windows... as one of them cries out "I see one of them now!"

There was a movie that was made by Susan Stryker called Screaming Queens, I have seen the movie a couple of times and before the movie came out, she came to Fantasia Fair to give talk about her research and to give a sneak preview of clips from the movie.

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