Tuesday, February 21, 2017

We Are On The Bus

Most of the time I write about us getting thrown under the bus but this time we are on the bus.
Transgender school bus driver, Navy veteran embraces life she knew was hers
The Orange County Register
By David Whiting
Feb. 20, 2017

The yellow school bus doors swing open and a gaggle of kids climb the stairs as one kindergartner squeals out, “Ms. Marsha, you look boo-ti-ful today!”

The bus driver beams. She is feeling terrific and took extra time to dress up a bit more than usual, get her makeup just right.

But the comment means more than the little boy knows.

Marsha Morgan, a 55-year-old school bus driver, isn’t used to such compliments.

As a he, Morgan served two tours of duty in the Persian Gulf as a sonar technician on a fast-attack submarine. As a he, Marsha also was married to a woman.

In some ways, the 6-foot-2 Morgan still is a he. But that will change forever in April when Morgan will become Kaiser Permanente’s first Southern California gender reassignment surgery patient.

For this nation’s estimated 1.6 million transgender people, tolerance is changing as well.
“The times they are a changin” at least for the better in nineteen states and it is nice to see bus company obeying the law and judging by the way the children treated her they didn’t have a problem with her transition, most children don’t unless their parents make a stink, they just see it as different and move along with their life.

I have to wonder if she transitioned in Texas or Tennessee if she would be treated the same way?

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