Monday, February 27, 2017

This Looks Interesting... Maybe

With the attack on our rights by the White House it is good that there is going to be a show that focuses on LGBT history.
Review: ‘When We Rise’ Charts the History of Gay and Transgender Rights
The New York Times
By James Poniewozik
February 26, 2017

“Identity politics” is one of those labels that say most about the labeler. Used as a pejorative (generally by people who already feel safe in their identity), it implies that causes like race, gender and sexual-orientation rights should be secondary to concerns that — so the argument goes — are more concrete and universal.

“When We Rise,” ABC’s sweeping four-night history of the gay rights movement, is a rebuttal. As a television drama, it often plays like a high-minded, dutiful educational video. But at its best moments, it’s also a timely statement that identity is not just an abstraction but a matter of family, livelihood, life and death.

Largely written by Dustin Lance Black, “When We Rise” begins in post-Stonewall San Francisco, tracing a trio of idealists — people who would not take “social-justice warrior” as an insult — whose lives intersect on and off over five decades. (Mr. Black wrote the screenplay for the film “Milk,” about the San Francisco gay rights activist and politician Harvey Milk, whose work and 1978 assassination figure in here.).
Okay, it is billed as LGBT history now let’s sees if they are going to cover the “T” in the series?
The early hours of “When We Rise” are impressively specific, both about the gay and transgender subcultures of the 1970s and 1980s and the nuts-and-bolts tactics of organizing, alliance and local politics. Roma’s community organizing introduces her to tensions between mainstream and radical feminists, gay women of color and “straight white Wellesley girls,” respectability politics and revolution.
But the article doesn’t say what the “T” will be; the article has about AIDS, marriage equality, and racial inequality but there is nothing about us in the article.

So will we once again be brushed aside and our contribution to the LGBT movement minimized? The show premieres tonight on ABC at 9:00 PM.

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