Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Passing Privilege

That is what it all boils down to, how well you can integrate into society. Back in the seventies the “Gay Liberation Front” (GLF) and the Gay Activists Alliance (GAA) kicked Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson out because they couldn’t assimilate into society and now we are back to that era. Those who can blend in to the crowds do not get harassed.
Column: Transgender bathroom issue may be a matter of image
Chicago Tribune
By Eric Zorn
February 24, 2017

If you're near a computer or a smartphone right now — and, come on, you are — take a moment and perform an image search for "trans men."

That's the accepted term for people who were born female but have transitioned to male, just to be clear. And don't worry, the results are not particularly graphic.

What you'll see will look to you like a collection of pictures of guys. Guys in casual wear. Guys without their shirts on. Guys with stubble and full beards. Macho guys. Somewhat effeminate guys. Guys.

Now ask yourself. Should states and local units of government be allowed to force such people to use the women's restrooms? And would most women be OK with sharing a row of toilet stalls with them?

Now do an image search for "trans women." You'll see a similar range of pictures of gals, most of whom would occasion surprise if they walked into a men's room. Do you want them there nevertheless?
Trans adults have been doing exactly this for many years, quietly and without causing harm to anyone. So have trans children, who will feel the brunt of it when benighted communities force them into situations in which they and those around them will feel most uncomfortable.
And then came the Republican Party and they found they could use us to get votes and money.

What it comes down to is if you are a 6’5” trans woman with large male features you are going to be a target of violence and harassment when you go out in public. But if you are a 5’5” trans woman with feminine features you will get by in society without anyone knowing you are trans.

In the old days the Harry Benjamin Standards of Care would only let those trans women who could integrate in to society transition, if you could fit into the gender norms they stamped your ticket. If you didn’t fit into the bell curve of the gender standards you couldn’t possibly be trans. The standards were very biased.

But now modern science has realized they we come in all shapes and sizes, that we can also be gay or lesbian or straight and have gender dysphoria to various degrees that is when the haters found a target.

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Mandy Sherman said...

Much as I dislike the thought of it, you may be right about the "passing privilege." If we are invisible, we don't have issues because nobody knows we're there. If we're not invisible, everyone gets their "panties in a wad" and we get verbally attacked (or worse.) "It just ain't right."