Tuesday, February 21, 2017

It’s All Talk

But that is what she does. She‘s on talk television show in London.
Cumbrian transgender broadcaster 'surprised and gobsmacked' at award nomination
News & Star
21 February 2017

The Cumbrian journalist who become the first transgender woman to present an all-female TV talk show has been short-listed for a prestigious award.

India Willoughby, 51, who has always been determined to ensure her transition was not a reason to end her career in the media, said she was “gobsmacked” to have been nominated for event that has become the Oscars of the LGBT world.

She was nominated by ITV in London.

The broadcaster – which employed India before her transition - has stood by her, and gave her the chance to return to TV reporting.

Her shortlisting followed two much talked bout appearances on ITV's Loose Women.

The nomination states: “Fans of the ITV panel show were thrilled by the journalist’s performance on the show and tweeted their hopes that she would become a permanent fixture, saying 'Loving India. Breaking barriers, addressing stigmas, making way for a new era of acceptance and inclusion in society'."
From what I read the show is something like “The View” her in the states so it is big that she was invited on the show’s panel.

The more we become visibly the more people will come to accept us. Milk was right, coming out helps the community especially now when Republican legislators are passing anti-trans bills and Congress is poised to pass a religious special law granting them exemption from following laws if they feel the law is against their “religious beliefs.”

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