Friday, February 10, 2017

Being Run Out Of Town

It seems like wherever we are we face discrimination not only by the politicians but also by the police. Over in Pakistan the police are running trans people out of town as undesirables and a judge steps in.
CJP comes to transgender people’s rescue  
Daily Times
February 10, 2017

ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice of Pakistan Saqib Nisar has taken notice of the complaint that police are pressing transgender people to leave Mardan.

An NGO "Vision Pakistan" submitted an application on behalf of transgender people alleging that the Mardan police were raiding the houses of transgender people and harassing them to leave Mardan.

Police are also allegedly pressing the landlords who rented their houses to transgender people to have them vacated.

Reportedly, police were forced to take action by people who are not prepared to treat transgender people as human beings.

The CJP directed the Mardan district and Sessions Judge to take up the matter and to apprise the Supreme Court in this regard.
The police said transgender people would not be harassed and full protection would be provided to them.
Let’s see if the matter is settled or will I be reading about this again at a later date.

We as a marginalized community face discrimination wherever we go and most times those who face discrimination the most are already from other marginalized community such as race.

Those who can integrate in to society have less discrimination and violence than those who cannot and if you also black or Latino the discrimination and violence is compounded.

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