Thursday, January 05, 2017

This Is Pure Hate!

Can you imagine being rushed to an emergency room and no doctors are willing to help you, or in an accident and the EMTs refuse to help you?

Well that is what can happen down in Texas thanks to a the same federal judge who ruled that insurance companies do not have to insure us.
Texas Judge Gives Doctors "Religious Freedom" to Discriminate Against Trans Patients and Women Who Have Had Abortions
San Antonio Current
Posted By Alex Zielinski
January 3, 2017

A Texas judge this past weekend issued a nationwide injunction against a federal health rule, allowing doctors to openly discriminate against transgender patients and women who have had an abortion.

U.S. District Judge Reed O'Connor's Saturday ruling was in direct response to an August lawsuit filed against the feds by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton representing the Franciscan Alliance, a religious hospital organization, and four other states. The lawsuit claimed the Affordable Care Act's nondiscrimination clause violated doctors' religious freedoms by forcing them to perform gender transition procedures and abortions.
"It's troubling to see how Paxton went straight to O'Connor, again," said Chuck Smith, CEO of Equality Texas. "And it's troubling that O'Connor's decision may not even be factually accurate."

Paxton's argument, now apparently backed by Judge O'Connor, remains rooted in the false notion that the ACA's nondiscrimination clause forces doctors to perform an abortion or a gender transition surgery. In reality, the clause simply barred doctors from discriminating against two specific populations — trans people and women who have had an abortion in the past.
According to MIC,
O'Connor cited 2014's Burwell v. Hobby Lobby ruling, which allowed family-owned corporations to refuse insurance coverage for birth control under the Affordable Care Act if it went against their religious beliefs.

At the time, the New York Times predicted the 5-4 Supreme Court decision would "[open] the door to many challenges from corporations over laws that they claim violate their religious liberty." And, given O'Connor's interpretation of the decision, it seems the outlet was right.
Please, please end the hate!

The rulings are nothing but pure bigotry, hate, and religious furor.


Anonymous said...

No they are not ours hate, bigotry, etc. This injunction simply protects our God given freedom of choice and association and precludes the Fed. GOV'T. from imposing its own liberal/progressive version of morality in the rest of us. So stop with the demagoguery.

Diana_CT said...

Sorry your "religious freedom" is my oppression and subjugation. Yuo do not have the right to put my life in danger. There is a legal term for that and it is called negligent homicide.

Julia Marshall said...

And I live here. A Dallas Texas native. I have never been proud to be from here, especially. since Nov, '63, Bushes, and the current crop of repubs running things in Austin make me want to move asap. And don't be fooled. The state is full of ignorant, hateful ultra religious nutjobs. I have given 10 years to being my true self. I think I need to find somewhere else to start over.