Wednesday, January 25, 2017

No Matter Where You Look, We Are There

Trans people have been around throughout history. In ancient Rome, the middle ages, in the 17th, 18th, and the 19th centuries we were there. In Peterson Toscano play Transfigurations he points out possible trans people in the Bible.
Don't dismiss transgender issues as a modern fad
The Bolton News
By Angela Kelly
January 25, 2017

WE as a mainstream society are very quick to dismiss the increasing focus on transgender individuals.

I was myself and very uneasy about all the recent publicity surrounding transgender teaching in schools and about the book by CJ Atkinson, “Can I Tell You About Gender Diversity?”

Like many parents, and grandparents, I felt that over-emphasis on this to assist the few would simply confuse the majority of children. After all, these are growing children. Surely just coping with developing is difficult enough without chucking in the hand grenade of whether or not you’re in the right body?
Like everything, if we as adults are not open to ideas and close conversation about it with our children, they will simply look elsewhere. To the playground, to other adults, to what is available on the internet. Surely it’s best for parents to try to give them genuine, authentic knowledge to help?
What is new is that we are not hiding the closet anymore. What is new is that we have the internet. What is new is that there is research that shows being trans is just part of human diversity. What is new is that we are listening to our children.

Science is just start to catch up to what we have known since the beginning of time… we were born this way.

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