Sunday, January 15, 2017

I Hate Lists

Lists are never right. You always get flack about those people who you did not included or about those that you did include, it is a lose, lose situation.

LGBTQ Nation has a list of 50 successful trans people.
When building a list of transgender people with great careers, there were five basic criterion:
  • They are American.
  • They are currently living.
  • They’ve had successful careers after transition.
  • Their careers should have little to nothing to do with being transgender (i.e, trans people can be something other than professional advocates).
  • They are publicly out as transgender.
This list is not comprehensive, and there are literally hundreds more we did not list. The careers represented are deliberately eclectic, as are their genders, ages, races, and are intended to show the diversity of the community. 
“This list is not comprehensive, and there are literally hundreds more we did not list” is a good start.

So who some on the list that I agree with…

  • Lynn Conway
  • Amanda Simpson
  • Wendy Carlos
  • Martine Rothblatt
  • Judge Phyllis Frye (I met her at Fantasia Fair once)
  • Jennifer Finney Boylan (Our paths have crossed many times)
  • Lana and Lilly Wachowski
  • Allyson Robinson (I met her when I was an intern and it was my job to escort her around town while she was here and make sure she got to the hearing for the gender inclusive nondiscrimination bill on time.)
  • Dylan Orr (He attended my workshop on trans history at the True Colors conference once. He came up to me, said he said his name and that he like my workshop. It was only latter when I found out who he was.)
  • Namoli Brennet (I am a big fan of her)

And who are those that I never heard of that are on the list…

  • Dr. Ben Barres
  • Rachel See
  • Robyn McCutcheon
  • Angelica Ross
  • Sergeant Ken Ochoa
  • Nicole Shounder

The list goes on and on but one thing that I noticed about the list was most those who are on the list is that they all have passing privilege.

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Rhonda Darling said...


One mystery solved:

Rachel See is a trans attorney in the U.S. Gov't. She is a member of a D.C. based Meetup group I belong to, but more importantly, she is active in lecturing on and advocating for EEOC and trans issues & rights.

Also see:

She is super friendly and very personable.