Monday, January 09, 2017

I Don’t Care

I don’t care if you voted for or against Trump, we can argue big government, small government, global warming, or any other topic but there is one topic that we can’t argue on president-elect Trump is a pathologically liar.

Forbes is not a liberal news outlet, it is conservative business magazine and this is what they said about Trump during the debates,
 Although the media have made much of Clinton's "trust problem," data even beyond this debate tally suggest that Trump has a solid pattern of lying pretty much all the time, about any situation, especially those that might cast him in what he perceives as a negative light.

His reputation is such that this debate, like no debate before it, had every news media outlet promising intensive fact-checking of every assertion. Fact-checkers have probably never before been this employable and may be the true winners in this election.
The conservative National Review said,
Donald Trump has some big ideas about Social Security. Happily, he is almost certainly lying about them. Trump is, politically speaking, a weathervane, prone to telling every audience what he believes it wants to hear, irrespective of what he said an hour ago or plans to say an hour hence.
He’ll make whatever vow he thinks will get him what he wants. And if you want to know how serious he is about vows, ask the NRA, or Mrs. Trump, or Mrs. Trump, or Mrs. Trump.
It was one thing to lie during the elections but as president-elect it is a grave problem of trust that can lead to wars or an economic collapse.

The national security report just released according to the Washington Post said,
Russia carried out a comprehensive cyber campaign to sabotage the U.S. presidential election, an operation that was ordered by Russian President Vladi­mir Putin and ultimately sought to help elect Donald Trump, U.S. intelligence agencies concluded in a remarkably blunt assessment released Friday.

The report depicts Russian interference as unprecedented in scale, saying that Moscow’s role represented “a significant escalation in directness, level of activity, and scope of effort” beyond previous election-related espionage.
Instead, Trump said in a statement that while Russia, China and other countries and groups may have sought to breach Democratic and Republican computer systems, “there was absolutely no effect on the outcome of the election.”

The report did not address that issue. It was presented to Trump by officials including Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper Jr., CIA Director John Brennan and FBI Director James B. Comey.
In other words… Trump out and out lied to us.

And then we had last night Trump tweeting that,
“For the 100th time, I never ‘mocked’ a disabled reporter (would never do that) but simply showed him ‘groveling’ when he totally changed a 16 year old story that he had written in order to make me look bad,” Trump added on Twitter Monday morning. “Just more very dishonest media!”
Take a look at the video and you be the judge...

We cannot trust a president who is a pathologically liar with his button on the nuclear trigger.


joanna Santos said...

he is beyond a disgrace and the best thing that could happen is impeachment. I am almost certain that there will be grounds for it at some point...fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

The alternative candidate was as bad or worse than Trump on the issue of LYING! Hilary is a congenital liar who is UNABLE to tell the truth even when favors her to do so.

Unfortunately there was not a good choice to vote for that had a chance to actually win. I wish that both parties had fielded better candidates for President. It's doubtful that Trump will change the positions currently held regarding LBGTQ issues. He will be focused on creating jobs, tax regulations, and reducing the national debt. In four years we all will probably wondering why so much was made of electing Trump.

Diana_CT said...

If you believe that they will not go after LGBT rights then I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.