Sunday, January 29, 2017


When is a bill banning trans people from using the bathroom not a bout trans people?

When a Texan Republican says it is not.
Senator says bathroom bill not aimed at the transgender
Houston Chronicle
By Peggy Fikac,
January 24, 2017

AUSTIN - The author of the so-called bathroom bill said she is working on potential changes after listening to people "from all walks of life," emphasizing that her measure is aimed not at the transgender people it would affect but at men who might assert a right to go into women'srestrooms for perhaps nefarious purposes.

"It's really not about the transgender. It's about other people that will abuse that. And that side of it's not been told very well," Sen. Lois Kolkhorst, R-Bren-ham, said, citing discussions with "lots of women."

There is no evidence of a transgender person assaulting anyone in a restroom in Texas, and transgender advocates see the measure as indisputably targeting them.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and Kolkhorst together unveiled the bathroom bill, Senate Bill 6, days before the legislative session began. The measure on Tuesday was referred to the Senate State Affairs Committee.

It would specify thatrestrooms [sic], dressing rooms and locker rooms in government buildings, schools and universities be designated for use by people according to their "biological sex." It would allow school districts to make accommodations, such as single-occupancy bathrooms, and it would allow for exceptions for parents with their children. Kolkhorst said she is looking at whether more exceptions are needed.
Yeah, right! "Biological sex" is not targeted at us. There are laws already banning sexual assault and immoral behavior why do you need to pass a law like this if not to ban us from using a bathroom?

Nobody else wants this law, only Republican legislators…
The Texas Association of Business released a study in December saying that initiatives targeting gay and transgender Texans could cost the economy $8.5 billion a year and endanger 185,000 jobs.
The purpose of this law is to ban us from using public bathroom, it is a mean, hateful law.

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