Monday, January 09, 2017

A Rather Unusual Problem

When I was in prison doing training I was told that the trans prisoners were allowed to wear women’s clothes, now I don’t exactly what they wear but the social worker said that they get their clothes from the women’s prison down in Niantic. So my guess is they wear the same clothes as women prisoners.
OUTFIT ROW Prisoners complain they have to wear uniforms while transgender lags* wear dresses
HMP Whatton in Notts - Europe's biggest sex offender jail - has seen a rise in the number of transgender prisoners, who are 'living in role' and so treated as women
The Sun
By Stian Alexander
7th January 2017

PRISONERS complaining about having to wear drab uniforms while transgender inmates are allowed to wear dresses and make-up have won the backing or prison inspectors in a bid to wear their own clothes.

HMP Whatton in Notts – Europe’s biggest sex offender jail – has seen a rise in the number of transgender prisoners, who are ‘living in role’ and so treated as women, in the past year.

Eight new transgender inmates have arrived at the 840-capacity prison recently, with a total of 12 now living as women in the all-male prison.

They are allowed to order female clothing – including dresses, skirts, blouses, knickers and bras – from various catalogues and are permitted to wear make-up, including mascara, lipstick and foundation.

They can spend up to £25-a-week on cosmetics and clothes – whereas non-transgender prisoners don’t have access to the same benefits.
Hmm… so what is the answer?

Well the prison decided to,
 In a report by HM Chief Inspector of Prisons out last week, inspectors picked up on complaints from prisoners and have now recommended that all prisoners should now be allowed to wear their own clothes.
Why do they not do the same as Connecticut prisons and have the trans inmates wear women prison uniforms? Somehow I would think that wearing uniforms would make the prisoners stand out more if they made a break. In the prison that I visited all the inmates wore brown jumpsuits except one, and he was being transported somewhere else and he wore a bright red jumpsuit. The guards all wore dark blue and the social workers all wore business causal.

*Lags: I had to look up the meaning of the British slang word and it means prisoner.

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