Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Conservatives Are In A Tizzy Again

And it didn’t take much to set them off, this time it was a Microsoft ad on diversity.
Conservatives Criticize Microsoft Ad Featuring Trans Teen Jazz Jennings, Activist Zea Bowling
On Top Magazine
By Carlos Santoscoy
December 10, 2016

Microsoft is coming under fire for a holiday-themed ad that celebrates diversity.

In the nearly 2-minute ad, titled Microsoft Celebrates the Spirit of the Season, a variety of people use Microsoft's Surface Studio, the company's first desktop computer, to “spread harmony.”

Among those featured are Jazz Jennings, the 16-year-old transgender star of the TLC reality series I Am Jazz, and Zea Bowling, the 7-year-old girl who last year stood up to a homophobic preacher at a Columbus, Ohio community festival. Video of Bowling holding a rainbow flag at the preacher has received more than 8.5 million views.
And who is upset over the ad?
Catholic League's Bill Donohue, a vocal opponent of LGBT rights, blasted Microsoft's ad, saying that the company was “exploiting” Christmas by “pushing the LGBT agenda.”

“If the bi-coastal elites at Microsoft really believe in diversity, then let them have their LGBT celebrations in June during gay pride month, and leave December to Christians,” he said.
I say “Thank You Microsoft.”

It is really telling when you talk about diversity and you get “taken to the wood shed” by people who think it is alright to discriminate against marginalized communities.

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joanna Santos said...

Diana these are not really Christians but more like the Pharisees that Christ would come back and whoop their asses if he were ever to return. Many of us are Catholics who just don't happen to agree with the little minds that make up the Conservative Christian Agenda. Intellectuals these people are not and they hide behind their beliefs in order to practice prejudice..