Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Sex And The Trans Person

Or the lack of…

For a good number of trans people this is true,
Transgender woman was a virgin until 25 due to feeling too scared to have sex in case she was attacked
Allysa Call, 35, spent years feeling confused, bullied and sometimes suicidal - but now she has embraced who she is after having first boyfriend at 33
The Mirror
By Kim Reader
12 DEC 2016

A glamorous transgender woman was a virgin until the age of 25 because being "trapped in the wrong body" [Ugh!] left her too scared to have sex.

Allysa Call, 35, was born a male twin but realised she felt like a girl at the age of just five.

The blonde beauty started hormone replacement therapy at 17 after coming out at 16 and underwent gender reassignment surgery at 22 before having a breast augmentation a year later.

But even when she was fully transitioned, Allysa, from Exeter, Devon, was terrified of becoming romantically involved or intimate with men for fear of being attacked.

Allysa, who only had her first boyfriend at 33, still feels "10 years behind" her friends as she was transitioning during the spent the years when most people often discover love and sex.
"Even once I had transitioned I shied away from relationships and being intimate with men for a long time out of fear of being attacked. Being a transgender woman can be terrifying.
I think that fear is real in a good many trans people whether it is true or not doesn’t matter because for many we hear the stories, or we have friends that this has happened to that in the back of our minds we worry about it happening to us. We worry about what will happen if the other person found out about our unique history.

Some trans people also worry about “Trannie chasers,” men who are just interested in us because they have a fetish or because they are in denial that they are gay and they are the very ones who cause us harm.

The 2015 Transgender Survey found that,
More than half (54%) of respondents experienced some form of intimate partner violence.
  • More than one-third (35%) experienced physical violence by an intimate partner, compared to 30% of the U.S. adult population. Nearly one-quarter (24%) experienced severe physical violence by current or former partner, compared with 18% of the U.S. population.

This afternoon I am at a meeting discussing our legislative agenda for the 2017 session of the Connecticut legislature.

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