Sunday, December 18, 2016

Attacking Our Families

The far-right is at it again, not only attacking us but also our families, so much for their “family values.”
Trump inauguration singer bullied online over trans sister
The Washington Blade
By Mariah Cooper
December 15, 2016

Opera singer Jackie Evancho, who will be singing the national anthem at Donald Trump’s inauguration, is facing an onslaught of criticism because she has a transgender sister.

Jackie, 16, received her big break when she was a finalist on season five of “America’s Got Talent” at 10 years old. Her sister Juliet, 18, came out as transgender at Global Lyme Alliance’s inaugural gala last year.

Juliet penned an essay, published on Wednesday, for Teen Vogue describing her struggles with gender identity.
The Teen Vogue article she talks about her coming out,
How Juliet Evancho Came Out as Transgender to Her Family, and the Entire World
“You don’t have to sacrifice who you are in order to be loved and accepted.”
By Juliet Evancho
December 14, 2016

Gender Dysphoria is a heated topic lately, but I’ve been living this “hot topic” since I was quite young. My name is Juliet Evancho — but I was born Jacob.

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, for as long as I can remember I’ve always been into what would be classified as ‘girly’ things. I played dress up with my sister Jackie, loved Barbies, and occasionally we’d raid my mom’s makeup kits together. My parents noticed that I had zero interest in the typical “boy” toys and activities and began to question things. I can even remember getting very upset one Christmas when Jackie got a Barbie dollhouse and I got a remote-controlled truck. I can remember talking to my mom about my feelings. I told her I don’t think I’m gay — there's more to it than that. I feel like I really am a girl. At the time, I had never heard of the word "transgender." My mom pointed out the term and I began researching it. This led to a conversation with my doctor, as we wondered if this was normal behavior. My parents and I discussed it with him and he told us, “He isn’t insisting you call him Mary, so I don’t think he's transgender. He'll probably grow out of it.”
Typical ignorance of healthcare providers, instead of referring her to a specialist he pronounces his God like decree, she can’t be trans because…

When she realized that the doctor was wrong, her family supported her.
I have such a supportive family — even my dad came around eventually telling me, “Jacob, you’re still my child whether you’re a boy or a girl and I will always love and support you. It will take me a while to get used to calling you by another name and I’ll slip occasionally but I’ll get there and help you in any way I can.” My sister Jackie even dedicated her version of “All of the Stars” to me and told my story through the video that accompanied the song.
Now that is what true family values are.

In the People’s article Jackie talks about the hate she has received since accepting the job of singing at president-elect Trump inauguration.
Opera prodigy Jackie Evancho made headlines yesterday when it was revealed that she would be singing the national anthem at Donald Trump‘s presidential inauguration next month. Though honored by the prestigious invite, the 16-year-old soon became the target of vicious Twitter bullying by Trump’s detractors.

Many celebrities have their share of haters, but trolls attack the singing sensation’s family for a very personal reason as well.

“My family is kind of a big target. I have a transgender sister and so a lot of hate goes towards us,” Evancho tells PEOPLE Now.
Evancho, who rose to fame in 2010 when she came in second place on America’s Got Talent at the age of ten, admits that although there are times when the family gets frustrated with the hateful comments, they do their best to ignore it.
I think it is so hypocritical of those who sprout “family values” when they tear a family down for parents loving their children.

Today I am up in Vermont for my cousin’s birthday with the family.


Anonymous said...

Yes. I too find it highly ironic when all those liberal, "all-inclusive" types who hate Trump pile on to the hate train. What a bunch of sore losers!

Diana_CT said...

If you think this is about "sore losers" you should go back and read it again. This is about people making threats against trans people and their families.

Rhonda Darling said...


Your first line boldly states: "The far-right is at it again, not only attacking us but also our families, so much for their “family values.”

Whereas the article itself states: "Though honored by the prestigious invite, the 16-year-old soon became the target of vicious Twitter bullying by Trump’s detractors." Lest you forget, Trump's detractors are the left, liberal ideologues who aren't willing to give him a chance.

You seem to have missed the point that Jackie is being harassed by the LEFT for supposedly not supporting her trans sister by having the temerity to sing the National Anthem at Trumps inaugural -- and not walking in lockstep with the media, the Hollywood morons, and the radicals who support diversity except when it doesn't fit their agenda.

Diana_CT said...

I saw that, but in the other articles it talks about her older sister receiving attacks because of her trans sisters. So both are true.

The left is attacking her because of singing at the inaugural and the right is attacking her because she has a trans sister. The left's attacks are political while the right attacks are because of bias.

I don't agree with either side attacks but I find the bias attacks much worst.