Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Read It And Weep

You want bad? This is just some of the things president-elect Trump could do.
These Are The LGBT Rights Trump Could Start Reversing On Day One
Donald Trump’s campaign vowed to scrub Obama’s executive actions, and his transition is led by anti-LGBT figures. This is what’s on the table for LGBT people.
By Dominic Holden
Posted on Nov. 11, 2016

LGBT people have been freaking out about Donald Trump. Many are hurrying to plan weddings before Inauguration Day, afraid the president-elect will overturn marriage equality immediately.
On the list is,
1. Trump could repeal executive orders that protect LGBT federal workers and contractors.
2. Trump could withdraw guidance that protects transgender students.
3. Instead, Trump could issue school guidance that says the opposite.
This one is really bad because Title IX supersedes state law.
4. Trump could reinstate a ban on transgender military service (and a ban on gay people in the military).
6. Trump could start repealing health care regulations.
And this one could also include Medicare and Medicaid.
7. Trump could also reverse a rule protecting LGBT people in federal housing.
8. Trump could expand religious exemptions for entities receiving federal money.
9. Trump could undo other regulations, guidance, and plans.
The Obama administration has taken at least a dozen other regulatory and directive actions for LGBT people: dialing back a ban on gay men donating blood, appointing an LGBT liaison at the White House, making it easier for transgender people to change sex markers on their passports, collecting data on anti-LGBT hate crimes, sending a letter to schools encouraging them to allow allowing gay–straight alliances, and more.

The Human Rights Campaign, the country’s largest LGBT group, worries about how Trump could leverage executive power on LGBT people and other groups.

“We are deeply concerned about these executive orders and statements he’s made about deporting millions of people,” said Jay Brown, a spokesperson for the group. “This administration gives us great reason to band together and fight as a unified coalition with our progressive allies.”
He could also overturn the policy that allows same-sex couple hospital rights.

Obama blocked Congress from defunding Planned Parenthood now there will nothing to stop them from doing that. In the states that have defunded Planned Parenthood there are epidemics of STD. Can you imagine what would happen if they are defunded nationwide? Planned Parenthood also supplies hormones to many trans people who cannot afford them.

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