Tuesday, November 22, 2016

I Tried.

I tried to find some trans news that wasn’t political but I couldn’t.

So I am not going to write about anything trans.

Last Saturday I went walking with a friend at Wadsworth Falls State Park, it is one of my favorite parks to go walking there is a lot to photograph and the walking is difficulty I rate as “moderate” because of it terrain and the trials are around the park are not too long.

So on Saturday I went walking with a friend and we walked a little over a mile, I won’t say that we got lost because I knew that we were somewhere between two marked trails but we were on an unmarked trail.

I like the look of stone walls but it is hard to capture the look of the walls, here are two attempts…

This is the side of the stone bridge,

And this is the stone walls on the top of the bridge.

As we walked up the Laurel Brook trail we arrived at the site of the old dam and pump station. Some reports say that the water from the pond was used as an early form of air conditioning pumping the water up to the house for cooling. I have some doubts about that because the water wouldn’t be that cool in the summer months. Anyhow here is the pumphouse.

And the graffiti on its side.

I love the bright colors and the design of the graffiti.

We then lost the trial markers and followed a path through the woods until we found the Cedar Loop trail and as we were walking on the trail we meet two women equestrians and we talked to them a while before they rode on.

We then drove over to the "big falls"

I am a little self-conscious when I am out walking because of my deep voice and usually don’t say much when I pass another walker and also my wig usually become soaked with sweat so I never look my best when hiking.

Next hike that I am thinking about is around Gay City State Park (don’t you just love the name of the park?)

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