Sunday, November 13, 2016

Few And Far Between

Couples that stay together after one of the partners’ transition are very few in numbers, most relationships break up after one transitions.
Husband’s gender transition ‘made marriage stronger’
November 13, 2016

A County Durham couple’s marriage is “stronger than ever” they claim, despite the husband starting to live as a woman.

Soon after the birth of their third child, Stephen told his wife Fiona that he wanted to change his gender.

The wife was initially shocked and confused, telling her husband that “if that were to happen, [they] wouldn’t be married anymore”. However, she eventually agreed to visit a gender identity clinic with him, even if she “sat in the car and didn’t want to be involved”.

The husband did not transition at that point, but by 2013 he could not take living as a man anymore, had his changed by deed poll from Stephen to Stephanie.
However, having gone through counselling with Stephanie, Fiona says she now understands that her husband “is still the same person but is much happier now living true to herself”.
Some couples can bridge the gap but others can’t

For a couple when one transitions they become same-sex partners and their whole world changes and a lesbian couple all of sudden become a straight couple and for many that is too much to handle.

A couple that I know, when the husband transitioned all of a sudden the wife could no longer fall asleep on her shoulder without stares. They could no longer hold hands walking down the street without vulgar comments.

Another couple that was a lesbian couple has lost the comradery of a lesbian space and now are shunned by the community. They have since broken up; it was too hard on her.

While another couple broke up when the husband transitioned but were back together after a couple of years.

Those who have stayed together are few and far between.

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