Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Coroner’s Inquest

For the day our country died.

I am afraid.

I am afraid for myself and my country

I am afraid for the Queer community.

I am afraid for all the gains that we made as a country in the last seventy-five years.

I am afraid for those who are disabled and those who cannot care for themselves.

I am afraid for the environment.

I am afraid for the Supreme Court.

We have just elected a President who is a fascist, who is going to court in a couple of weeks to answer charges of raping a girl, who has been accused many criminal crimes. And if he is impeached then we have Pence as president and I think he would be even worst than Trump because he is saner and he believes in the Bible before the Constitution.

The only good thing is now the Republicans have to put forth their agenda and we can see if they can run this country because there will be no excuses. It is their presidency and Congress.

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Anonymous said...

Mourn today, organize tomorrow!

We are thinking along the same lines it is like someone has died. No time now for one issue nonsense of the Gay INC. Only united with others can we all survive. Will our so called leaders understand this? Will they wait until we as a community is attacked before crying out? Let us hope not.