Sunday, October 16, 2016

On The Road Again

I am on my way up to Provincetown MA, the east coast LGBT heaven for Fantasia Fair, a week long trans conference. The third week in October is trans week on Cape Cod.

During the year there are a number of LGBT weeks but there is only one trans week, we are delegated to just before the snow flies (well sometime the snow doesn't wait).

During the summer there are women's and men's weeks, there is a "bear" week, family pride week, but there is just one trans week.

The Gay Travel website say,
America's premier gay resort developed as an arts colony at the turn of the 20th century. A young artist and entrepreneur named Charles Hawthorne, charmed by the town's seclusion and magnificent setting, founded the Cape Cod School of Art, one of America's first open-air academies. By 1916 the town's once vibrant fishing industry had slowed, and its whaling industry had died. But a half-dozen art schools had opened; the Provincetown Art Association had staged its first exhibitions; and a small band of modernist theater folk - notably the young Eugene O'Neill and Edna St. Vincent Millay - had begun to produce plays on a small wharf in the town's East End.
And more recently, Provincetown has become more eclectic. From late June through Labor Day, gays are still the most visible tourists and part-time residents in town, but the rest of the year sees all kinds of visitors, gay and straight. Additionally, businesses here now cater to a somewhat more affluent crowd. T-shirt and taffy shops now share space along Commercial Street with sophisticated art galleries and hip boutiques.
But I feel that trans people are being left behind mainly because I think as the website said "a somewhat more affluent crowd," we are being priced out.

Also Fantasia Fair is not cheap, between the room and the Fair you can easily drop a grand for the week, they do offer a full week scholarship but for those who do not receive a scholarship they can have "sticker shock" and during peak season forget it! You can spend up to two or three thousand a week for a condo.

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