Sunday, October 23, 2016

Day 7 At Fantasia Fair

The party's over!

All good things must end.

Today is the last day of the Fair, the brunch and then I head home, and the four hour drive back home then back into the same ol' grind.

It was another good day yesterday, the keynote speaker after lunch was Dawn Ennis the bio on the Fantasia Fair website says,
Dawn Ennis successfully transitioned from broadcast journalism to online media following another transition that made headlines; in 2013, she became the first trans staffer in any major TV network newsroom. She was the first out transgender editor at The Advocate, and the first trans journalist to interview Caitlyn Jenner one on one. Now the native New Yorker is a contributor to several publications. In her 30-year media career, she has earned more than a dozen awards, including two Emmys. With the blessing of her three children, Dawn retains the most important job title she's ever held: Dad.
She talked about her transition, detransition, and then transitioning again. She talked about getting fired and hearing from fellow journalists supporting her and also hearing from those that didn’t. She talked about going from a six figure salary to earning $75 an article from the LGBT press.

After her talk she stayed for a little while and answered questions before she had to leave to take care of her kids.

In the evening was the Awards Banquet and now this morning is the Farewell Brunch and our sad goodbyes and promises of seeing everyone next year.

One of the workshops that have every year is “Lost in the Pink Fog
You finally made it to Provincetown, and Fantasia Fair was the most fabulous experience of your life. You're pumped up, full of new self-confidence and unable to think about anything but expressing yourself in your preferred gender role. Back at home, the world seems drab and you chafe at having to hide part of yourself from your family, friends, and co-workers. You want to burst forth, heedless of consequences, and proclaim yourself to the world, and you think you just might. Congratulations. You're in the pink fog. The pink fog (blue fog for FTMs) is the state of euphoria we experience when we take our gender expression to a new level. It's a dangerous time to make decisions, and yet a time when we most want to. Come talk about the pink fog with those in attendance and suggestions on how to find your way out of it. Highly recommended for first timers
It is true, it is very emotional for those who were themselves for eight day to go back into their male or in the trans guys cases female roles, it takes a toll on ones emotions. I remembered before I transitioned of driving home after being up here all and crying. One time Monday morning at work I almost answered a question another employee asked Diane the boss’s executive assistance, I was running copies off and someone said “Diane, can you run these copies for me?” and over the noise of the copier I thought they said “Diana.” I started to turn around and say yes when she answered… Whew!

I always have mixed feelings on leaving, it will be nice to sleep in my own bed tonight but I do like the area around the tip of Cape Cod… who knows, I might buy a place up here someday.

Update 10/24/16 6:30 AM

On her blog Life After Dawn, Ms. Ennis has her keynote address online here

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