Thursday, October 20, 2016

Day 4 At Fantasia Fair

Today was a day that I didn’t do anything except go to the keynote talk by Lorelei Erisis. I skip the evening fashion show and ended the day with a nice talk with Dallas Denny after dinner. We were talking at activism, trans history, and ideas for workshops that she can give at the Transgender Health and Law Conference in April.

As I said the keynote speaker was Lorelei Erisis who is an activist, comedian, a columnist, writer, and an actress; she talked about telling your story. She told her story and used all her talents in the telling excellently, she got the importance of our story in creating change across to the audience.

For dinner I went to Bayside Betsey’s with three friends for dinner and I had a bowl of their famous New England clam chowder. On the way out I saw Dallas in the restaurant and sat down to talk to her for a bit before heading out to watch some of the debates.

So here are some of the photos that I took yesterday…

Provincetown Library with the world famous statue of the "Tourists"

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