Monday, October 17, 2016

Day 1 At Fantasia Fair

View from my motel room deck
The drive up from Connecticut wasn’t bad, the traffic was light with no delays but I can’t say that for the people who were trying to get off the Cape. There was an accident down near the Sagamore Bridge and traffic was backed up for many miles.

Once I got to Provincetown and checked into the motel I found out that the room does not include parking. They said I could part there until the weekend and they filled up and then I might have to find a place to park. It takes a lot to get me mad but this did. Parking is at a premium in P’town and I felt that they should have told me up front when I made the reservation.

After I unpacked I went down to the fair “office” and checked in and meet a number of people that I knew, we then walked to the restaurant where the evening reception was being held. When the reception ended I headed back to the motel, but many other’s went over to a B&B where they talk until the wee hours in the morning, for me the wee hours in the morning is 11 PM.

When I got back from the reception I sat out on the deck for a while, it was a beautiful night, it probably was in the mid-60s and a near full moon over the harbor.

Today, is the orientation brunch followed by the noon talk by Diego Sanchez former aid to Congressman Franks which is followed by panel with Diego Sanchez, Mara Keisling, Andrew Amanda Leigh-Bullard and Dr. Miqqi Alicia Gilbert.

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