Friday, October 14, 2016

Connecticut Is Only One Of A Handful Of States

That allow you to change your birth certificate without surgery. France is now taking the plunge,
Transgender rights: France scraps sterilisation in status law
October 14, 2016

 Gay and transgender activists have welcomed a new French law that lets transgender people change their legal status without having to be sterilised.

The activist group ILGA-Europe called it "clear progress" that "another European country has dispensed with the shameful practice of sterilisation".

But it regretted that trans people in France will still have to get a court to recognise their gender change.
Laws in Denmark, Malta, Ireland and Norway have gone further, it said.

In those countries, legal gender recognition relies on the principle of "self-determination" - dispensing with medical or judicial requirements.
The French law passed on Wednesday gives trans people - adults and minors - the right to change their legal status in court. Previously such a change required proof that the person had been sterilised irreversibly.
Here in the U.S. this is the domain of State’s Rights so to bring about change nationally you have to fight the battle in all 50 states. Some states do not even allow a trans person to change their birth certificate with surgery so it is going to be very uphill battle to get it nationwide.

The federal government is working a model policy but that is all they can do, have a sample vital records policy that states can copy.

Today is a busy day with giving a workshop in the morning at a conference and then in the afternoon a two and a half hour meeting on LGBT aging.

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