Tuesday, July 05, 2016

In Denial

When the world leaves you behind and you can’t adjust to the changing world what are you supposed to do? What are you to do if  you are a military chaplain?
Baptist leaders decry transgender troop ban repeal
By David Roach
July 5, 2016

The Obama administration's decision to allow openly transgender people to serve in the U.S. military has been classified by Southern Baptist leaders with military ties as "deluded," "disastrous" and a step toward self-inflicted "national weakness."

Military chaplains endorsed by the North American Mission Board, along with other Christian chaplains, appear to be "in the crosshairs of this new policy," NAMB executive director of chaplaincy Douglas Carver told Baptist Press, noting religious liberty concerns.
Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary professor Daniel Heimbach, former deputy assistant secretary of the Navy for manpower, told BP the Pentagon's decision is "disastrous but comes as no surprise."

"It is just the most recent step taken in our nation's rapid descent into a state of social deconstruction and national weakness," Heimbach, senior professor of Christian ethics, said in written comments. "This decision to affirm gender confusion will destroy unit cohesion and render the good order and discipline essential to U.S. military success that much harder to achieve.

"Our political leaders have lost their moral bearings and now military leaders are forgetting their national security mission," Heimbach said. "And most sadly of all, we are as a nation doing this to ourselves. This is a time to speak the truth in love and to remember that security, whether military or spiritual, ultimately comes from the hand of God."
Well first off, the U.S. military is not the first country to allow trans people in the military but is only the last to change. The first country to allow trans people in the military was the Netherlands in 1974! Now there are eighteen other countries to allow trans people to serve in the military bring the total to twenty-one countries including the U.S.

As for the moral decay, it is the exact opposite the military is now not discriminating against people because of the way they were born. It is those people who are living in the past, people who cannot or do not to realize what they are doing is wrong, they pick and choose and interpret passages written two thousand years ago, if they what is written we will still be throwing out lepers instead of treating them with medicine.

Military chaplains will now have a choice to make should they stay or should they go?
Among Carver's unanswered questions regarding the new policy: "What role will our military chaplains play in the education and implementation of this new policy? What protections are in place for our chaplains who freely express their religious convictions in opposition to gender transition and sex reassignment therapy/surgery? Can our chaplains co-pastor a military congregation with a transgender chaplain? What are the implications of a military chaplain whose biblical counseling approach advises a service member away from making a decision regarding becoming transgender?"
It seems to me that military chaplains will end up being from religious dominations that are open and affirming.

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