Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Sticks And Stones…

…may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

We know that is not true, words do hurt, words do kill.
Is it only a joke? Local transgender community concerned about comments
Updated: Jun 15, 2016

Recent jokes made in public by a supporter of Initiative 1515 have gotten the attention of Seattle's transgender community -- who believe the comments may inspire harassment against people who decline to sign the initiative's petition.

The jokes refer to male signature gatherers, who are encouraged to consider following women into public restrooms to convince them to sign the petition.

If I-1515 supporters gather 325,000 signatures by July 8, the initiative will go on a ballot next November. I-1515 would repeal current state law allowing transgender people to use bathrooms based on their sexual identity. The initiative would allow businesses to decide if women - born as men, or vice-versa - should be forced to use the restroom or locker room for the sex they were originally born.

Audio recordings were anonymously delivered to the Gender Justice League of Seattle. Joseph Backholm, the director of the Family Policy institute of Washington, was directing signature gatherers who favor initiative-1515, to find supporters to sign the petition.
This is typical of the rightwing attacks on the non-discrimination laws… they use lies, innuendos, and fear are used to coerce voters.

The thing is this tactic is causing an increase in calls to suicide hotlines, it is causing children to stay in the closet, it is causing parents to fear for their children safety, and it is causing parents to disown their children when they come out.

We do know that words cause emotional and physiological harm that last throughout their life. We know that the internal conflict can cause them to do harm to themselves and others.

Here is the video from KIRO, but warning… that your blood pressure medication first.

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