Monday, June 13, 2016

I Don’t Know What To Say

How can words describe how I feel about what happened early Sunday morning? The tragedy has affect me and I think rest of the U.S. beyond words.

The politicians have made their statements, vigils have been held, cries for gun control have been made, calls for rounding up Muslims or refusing them entry into the U.S., the bigots and the hate mongers have posted their comments, and the calls for peace have been made.

In three or four weeks we will all forget our vows for change, the obstructionist will block bills for saner gun controls with their insane message of more guns for the “good guys” but the problem is how do you tell a “good guy with a gun” from the bad guy with a gun?  The thing is that a “good guy” with a gun after a few drinks can become a bad guy with a gun. Or a good guy with a gun can become a bad guy with a gun when someone cuts him off in traffic. Or a “good guy” with a gun can become a bad guy with a gun when he gets mad at his wife, or the neighbor, or over a gay couple kissing.

In two or three months there will be another tragedy and the cycle will repeat and nothing will be done.

Please remember when you go to the polls in November that there is a lot riding on this elections. The next Supreme Court justices will they be conservative judges that will vote for more Citizens United, more Hobby Lobbies? Will Congress pass anti-LGBT laws banning trans rights or granting broad exemptions for “Religious Freedom?” Will there be new laws banning abortions? Will there be laws for universal carrying of guns and allowing people to take out gun permits in states with lax laws to then go back to their state with tougher laws?

These are all bills that have been introduced by Congress and blocked by the president.

Think before you vote in November.

Update 10:00AM
I was reading Helen Boyd's blog en|Gender and she quotes a tweet by  Solomon Georgio "the gay agenda has always been 'enjoy every moment you can before a hateful person takes it away'” sadly we lean this all to well. I have seen trans people who were beaten by a baseball bat just because they are trans. I have been called faggot, freak, he/she, and I have had the Bible quoted to me.

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